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About us

Hello and welcome on our website.
My name is Ad de Nijs, CEO of N!CE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS, the company that manages the Soundtrack Portal and Screensoundradio.com
Since my early teens, when I worked in the local cinema theatre, I got hooked on soundtracks. Started as collector and ended up the last 6 years volunteering as Ambassador for an American online radiostation.
The growing interest in soundtrack music comes with a demand for a quality radio station that can be the frontrunner in promoting this style of classical music.
Therefore, I started in January 2017 with my company to fulfill that objective.
To serve the need for a central point where all information regarding soundtracks can be found I also set up the Internet Portal: www.soundtrackportal.com


The radiostation will broadcast 24/7 selected orchestral scores from American, European and Asian movies, games and TV-series. The selection is made on the merit of the composer and the pleasant listenability for the audience. This results in  leaving out heavy underscoring, full electronic scores, soundscapes and drone-like sounds. Also pop songs and other source music are merely left out.
The stream will be fully programmed without moderation and free from advertising. For implementation in a second phase we have already built in the possibility for ‘personalized radio’.

Access to the stream will therefore be against a fee, either for 24 hours access or a yearly membership.  For the first year the fees are set: € 0,99 for 24 hours access, € 34,95 for the full membership (or an equivalent in foreign currency)
More info on the free trial period and active participation discounts you can find on the ‘subscribe’ page.

Soundtrack Portal

This website gathers soundtrack-related news or other info that fans of the genre can be interested in and publishes the links categorized in 7 topics.
All links and tabs are clickable and will forward the visitor to the post itself or a subcategory.
To get notified when a specific subject of interest has news people are able to subscribe to push notifications, news updates by topic and/or a monthly newsletter.
For remarks, repairs and contributions of content the button “Contribute” may be used.  Enjoy browsing through hundreds of articles or find a concert in your vicinity.